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100+ Accelerator Challenge Cohort 4 “Biodiversity”

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Application Deadline: 04/30/2022

Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth, from genes to ecosystems, and how all the pieces fit together to sustain life e.g. producing oxygen, water, food and among numerous other benefits. Our businesses rely on thriving ecosystems and a healthy planet: it is the foundation of our supply chains. But, there are growing challenges. Biodiversity is declining faster than at any time in human history. In the past 50 years, there has been an average decline of 70% in the populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. And the situation is growing more perilous with almost one million plant and animal species on the verge of extinction. Help us protect, renew and grow the biodiversity of all ecosystems.


  • The 100+ Accelerator is looking for innovative solutions that have the ability to scale quickly and make a significant impact on one or more challenge areas. The Accelerator focuses on startups that have a product in market or are prepared to go to market. Also, the Accelerator is particularly interested in supporting great teams: companies led by passionate entrepreneurs who have surrounded themselves with diverse talent that are in the best position to succeed.
  • Startups that have demonstrated traction in the form of IP, revenue, clients, pilots or contracts etc. will have the best chance of getting accepted

Application Procedure

The 100+ Accelerator delivers 6 months of remote programming and training to accelerate the collaboration and growth of cohort companies in addition to a pilot/alliance with their partner companies. You will receive support from a global team champion, access to mentor networks and up to $100K toward pilot execution.


  • Technologies or solutions to accelerate positive biodiversity benefits in nature-based solution projects
  • Technologies or solutions to improve ecosystem services performance and/or resilience
  • Technologies or solutions to increase genetic diversity to improve crops or nutrient content in plant-based foods.
  • Technologies to measure and track biodiversity in the implementation of nature-based solutions and agriculture projects.
  • Technologies to measure value chain risk associated to biodiversity loss
  • Technologies or solutions for full traceability of food, beverages and consumables to ensure those supply chains are not accelerating biodiversity loss or deforestation
  • Technology that measures the impact of waste on biodiversity and intervention suggestions
    Science based methodology to measure social impact in the value chain

Official Website: 100+ Accelerator Challenge Cohort 4 “Biodiversity”

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