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2021 EU Award for Roma integration in the Western Balkans and Turkey

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Application Deadline:30 April 2021

The call for applications for the 2021 EU Award for Roma integration in the Western Balkans and Turkey is now open. This year’s edition of the award is dedicated to the extraordinary people that promote equality through employment.

The 2021 EU Roma Integration Award will promote private or public initiatives sensitive to the problem of lack of employment in the Roma communities, offer recognition, publicity and support to the positive models yielding concrete, tangible results.

Roma integration continues to be a key priority in the EU enlargement process and the European Commission is committed to support and recognise the work done by Roma and non-Roma public institutions, private companies, businesses (including, but not limited to, institutions, companies, employers and individuals such as e.g. teachers or healthcare actors) and civil society organizations who helped and achieved significant progress, concrete sustainable results and positive changes facilitating the employment of Roma people.

he 2021 award confirms the EU’s commitment to support and recognize the work done on Roma integration. Gender equality and the empowerment of Roma women in the area of employment is an important dimension.

The EU Roma integration award aims to boost political commitment and support for Roma inclusion in the Western Balkans and Turkey. This year’s award that puts the spotlight on employment is the fourth edition. The first edition of the award recognised the important role played by civil society organisations working for Roma integration. The second edition promoted inclusion, integration and empowerment of Roma youth. The third edition was dedicated to the “Unknown Heroes”, Roma women who through their work and commitment have improved the social integration of Roma or brought positive change to their communities. The award is funded by the European Union and implemented by Roma Active Albania.

Deadline to apply: 30 April 2021

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More information:

Official Website: 2021 EU Award for Roma integration

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