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2022 Rural Community Awards competition.

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Application Deadline: 30th September 2022.

Application Procedure

We want to continue to celebrate the work of volunteers across NI who are quite
often the ‘unsung heroes’ within our communities, going above and beyond to
promote health and well-being, individual and community development, social
inclusion and to help make life better for all residents.
There are three awards on offer:
Our Community Champion award is open to extraordinary individuals nominated by
the rural community group they represent.
The Rural Community Spirit award is open to all community groups based in rural
areas who work together to make their village or small settlement a better place to
Our Cleaner & Greener Rural Community award seeks to reward and encourage
those rural communities who have come together to protect and enhance their built
and natural environment and to promote sustainability with their residents.
For the chance to win any of the three Rural Community Awards on offer, simply
read the guidance overleaf and complete the attached application forms.

Eligibility Requirements

They must be properly constituted and provide evidence of a constitution/articles of association;
• They must operate on a not-for-profit basis;
• They must demonstrate appropriate financial management eg manage finance through a bank account
specifically in the name of the group.
In assessment of entry forms, additional points will be awarded to community groups who can demonstrate
that activities undertaken within the village will benefit the residents of a Housing Executive estate or/
and if there is Housing Community Network (HCN)/District Inter Agency (DIA)/Area Scrutiny Panel (ASP)
involvement in the community group.
The Community Champion Award is open to all community groups who nominate an individual.
The groups must adhere to the conditions set above.
The competition is all about recognising your village as a whole and so consideration will only be given to
one application per village. If there is more than one group operating within the village then we suggest
that a collective application is made. Community groups can enter either one, two or all three categories.
Initial assessment will be based on the information included in the entry form but groups are also
encouraged to submit supporting information such as photos, newspaper clippings or any other evidence
of community activity.
All prize money is aimed at supporting and extending activities/projects which benefit the rural community.
We will promote the competition throughout the year on our website and through relevant rural
publications but community groups should also involve the Housing Executive in any publicity they carry
out locally.

Application Procedure

The Housing Executive collects the information on this form for the purposes of assessing your
application for the 2022 Rural Community Awards. Your personal data will be used to determine your
eligibility for the competition, to contact you in relation to the success of your application and for related
promotional activities e.g. social media, local press, NIHE website.
The lawful basis for processing your personal information is Consent under the UK General Data Protection
Regulation (UK GDPR) Article 6 (1)(a):
“The Data Subject has given consent to the processing for one or more specific purposes”
Contact permission
We would like to be able to contact you with information on further Rural Community Awards,
competitions, funding opp

Official Website: 2022 Rural Community Awards competition.

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