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Accelerator Challenge Cohort 4 (Inclusive Growth)

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Application Deadline:04/30/2022

About Opportunity

If you have an idea or a business that innovates around climate action and sustainability then apply for the 100+ Accelerator Challenge Cohort 4 and help boost your business and build a smarter world!

Too often, minority and disadvantaged communities are disproportionately impacted by the climate crisis, and at the same time, they are excluded from the positions of power and influence to affect change. Their sustainable future will be forged at the intersection of equity, environment and economy.

They are looking for innovative solutions for societal equity, workplace inclusion, economic prosperity and long-term environmental health.

The 100+ Accelerator delivers 6 months of remote programming and training to accelerate the collaboration and growth of cohort companies in addition to a pilot/alliance with their partner companies. You will receive support from a global team champion, access to mentor networks and up to $100K toward pilot execution.

Eligibility Requirements

The 100+ Accelerator is looking for innovative solutions that have the ability to scale quickly and make a significant impact on one or more challenge areas. The Accelerator focuses on startups that have a product in market or are prepared to go to market. Also, the Accelerator is particularly interested in supporting great teams: companies led by passionate entrepreneurs who have surrounded themselves with diverse talent that are in the best position to succeed.

Application Precedure

  • Solutions to diversify the suppliers base
  • Community driven and sustained recycling initiatives (self-sustaining)
  • Solutions that bring visibility/training/communication on workplace wellbeing, resilience, D&I and psychological safety
  • Solutions that help bring/give access to a specific workforce (for example apprenticeship, people who don’t have access to technology, people with disabilities)
  • Solutions for underprivileged workforce access.
  • Solutions to improve transparency in the advertising / media supply chain, which specifically promote diverse content creators and inclusive sponsored content
  • Responsible advertising supply chain solutions that promote inclusivity, well-being, or belonging, at the individual consumer, community, non-profit or corporate level
  • Social, cultural, or community impact measurement tools for corporate event (sports, music, festival)
  • sponsorship, i.e. non-environmental, non-economic only
  • Science-based methodology to measure social impact in the value chain


  • A large part of the program is based on launching pilots to validate product/market fit. Therefore, they are primarily looking for startups that have either a product that is ready to go to market or already in-market.
  • Earlier stage companies will be considered by rare exception only.
  • The 100+ Accelerator will provide support, guidance and access to potential funding through:
    • Pilot customer opportunities with the four corporate partners: AB InBev, Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Colgate
    • Palmolive (including the potential to scale company-wide)
    • Active mentorship, training and programming in product development, go-to-market, operations, sales and more
    • Top mentor network of scientists, academics, domain experts, venture capitalists, corporate sustainability leaders, etc.
    • Potential funding from Partner Companies and their networks

Official Website: Accelerator Challenge Cohort 4 (Inclusive Growth)

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