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Activate Studio now accepting Applications from Startups

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Application Deadline:  07/15/2022
About Opportunity

The Activate Studio is accepting applications from startups for the Summer 2022 funding cycle.

Eligibility Requirements

ICT, Business, Startups


  • With Activate as your lead investor, their team will help you with fundraising and finalising your product vision. You will be able to use part of their investment to kickstart your project (this will be at their risk, if you don’t close your raise successfully, you will not owe us).
  • Working with you to identify weak spots in your investment proposition they will come up with an investment plan.
  • They might create an MVP in order to get some of the key experiences of the product to early customers as quickly as possible, without burning too many resources to get there. This is an inexpensive way to test product hypotheses, accelerate learning, and ensure your business is delivering a product or service that users want and need. Providing proof of traction, the capability to acquire your earliest users and to generate your first real revenue.
  • After the seed funding round closes, they will assist you in building and launching your product to market using agile design and development techniques.
  • They will provide the technical expertise to support you with scaling and managing your product. They assist with the planning and help you decide upon a suitable software infrastructure and security measures.

Application Procedure

The studio is a hub of creativity and innovation, where they use their business, design and technology expertise to help you create a successful digital product company.

Their culture is rooted in design: business models, products, of methodologies. The knowledge accumulated from their experience working with startups can boost your enterprise and it’s far more valuable than capital. Years of successes and failures help us to accelerate and focus the progress of their portfolio companies to reach the maximum impact for your users.

Official Website: Activate Studio now accepting Applications from Startups

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