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Applications Now Open for Startmate Accelerator in Australia and New Zealand

by opportunitydiary

Application Deadline:  05/29/2022
About Opportunity

Are you one of most ambitious founders and company builders in Australia and New Zealand? Are you ready to take your startup to the next level? The Startmate Accelerator unleashes the ambition of Australia and New Zealand’s best founders, and propels them toward their goals.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Solo founder to founding team
    • From solo founders to teams of five, they have seen it all. Regardless of the make-up of the founding team, Startmate will bolster your company’s growth by surrounding you with equally ambitious peers ready to share the founder journey with you.
  • Technical to non-technical
    • The barriers have long since been reduced for ‘non-technical’ founders to be able to build significant global companies, thanks to things like the no-code revolution. Whether you’re a technical or a product-led founder, they can help to plug the gaps and support you to find the skills and experience you’re missing.
  • Idea-stage to pre Series A
    • It doesn’t matter if you have $1M in ARR or haven’t even got a product.
    • They have had founders with little more than an idea go on to raise a Seed round, teams that have raised a Series A round mid-program and follow up with a
    • Series B round 12 months later, and they have even have more established businesses come and attach rocket boosters to their month-on-month growth.
    • As long as you are wildly ambitious, pre-Series A, and tech-enabled — they can help you.
  • SaaS v everything else
    • Their 150+ alumni are in all different industries. Software as well as hardware. From beauty to spacetech, autonomous drones, foodtech, agtech, medtech, martech, sports-tech to craft beer.
    • In 2019, they launched a dedicated Climate Cohort to support startups specifically addressing the climate crisis. In 2020, the CEFC Innovation Fund joined them to extend their reach to extend their reach to even more climate-tech founders.


  • Haven’t raised any capital
    • If you’ve never raised, they will invest $120k at a $1.5m valuation
  • Raised capital already?
    • If you have raised a bona fide round before they will invest $120k at your latest valuation

Application Procedure

We surround you with a network of your peers and the best mentors, investors and operators across Australia and New Zealand. They’ll help you define where to focus your energy, set your goals and unblock you so you can move more quickly than you ever thought possible.

In addition to that, you’ll have first access to the talent coming through the Fellowship program to help you hire the best operators in the region to push you forwards as you scale.

The Accelerator kickstarts your progress, but the Startmate community will be with you for the rest of your journey.

Official Website: Applications Now Open for Startmate Accelerator in Australia and New Zealand

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