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Aspen Rising Presidents Fellowship

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Application Deadline: October 7, 2022.

Application Procedure

The Aspen Rising Presidents Fellowship aims to address the dramatic turnover in the community college presidency by recruiting and developing exceptional leaders—a cadre of diverse reformers who can push the field forward and advance student success. The Aspen Institute engages a select group of fellows each year in this intensive, applied executive leadership program, delivered in collaboration with the Stanford Educational Leadership Initiative.

The fellowship includes residential seminars, mentoring by veteran college presidents, and the development of a strategic leadership vision through a capstone project. The curriculum centers on broad themes drawn from the work of excellent community colleges: equitable student success strategies, leadership of cultural change, and partnership for collective action.

Eligibility Requirements

Ideal candidates are motivated by the potential of community colleges to impact the lives of students and to grow the health and vitality of communities. Aspen fellows aspire to be transformational community college presidents—those who will lead their institutions to achieve significant improvements in student outcomes and greater equity in educational access and success. They possess the willingness to take risks to lead transformational change and are strategic, reform-minded thinkers and innovators. Applicants should aspire to enter a presidency within five years of completing the fellowship.

The Rising Presidents Fellowship program is committed to identifying and developing talented leaders that reflect the diversity of the communities and students that the nations’ community colleges serve, and we strongly encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds and from all groups representative of varying race and ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, culture, religion, and physical abilities. We also encourage applicants from a variety of professional backgrounds, including:

• Campus presidents, provosts, or vice presidents at a community college

• Senior administrators in other higher education institutions or K-12 systems

• Executives from outside of education with deep commitment to ensuring students’ success

Application Procedure

Applicants will submit an application through the fellowship’s online application system. Applications will be reviewed and scored by committees of current and former presidents and leaders. High scoring applications will be advanced to an interview round in the spring, and final selection decisions will be announced in June.

Official Website: Aspen Rising Presidents Fellowship

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