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AWS Healthcare Accelerator in the United States

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Application Deadline:  07/01/2022
About Opportunity

The AWS Healthcare Accelerator, delivered by KidsX, is a four-week technical, business, and mentorship accelerator opportunity.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must have a digital health software solution
  • Privately held company
  • U.S.-based company or international company with existing U.S.-based operations
  • Can commit 10-15 hours per week throughout the four-week accelerator
  • Participants must be fluent in English and able to join video conference events, primarily held during U.S. Pacific Time business hours.


  • Increasing access to health services
    • Can include synchronous or asynchronous digital health solutions, remote patient monitoring, Internet of Things (IoT), language translation apps in healthcare settings, or digital tools to increase the availability and impact of health workers.
  • Reducing disparities by addressing social determinants of health
    • Can include leveraging technology or research to improve access to social services, food security, transportation, housing, or economic opportunities to improve health outcomes.
  • Leveraging data to promote equitable & inclusive systems of care
    • Solutions that capture real-time feedback to predict risk, generate meaningful insights, monitor symptoms, nudge behavior, and allow for timely and appropriate levels of intervention.
  • All public health and healthcare startups encouraged to apply to the AWS Healthcare Accelerator
    • Although focused on health equity, the 2022 AWS Healthcare Accelerator is open to all public health solutions. They recognize that public health data systems require modernization to increase their ability to respond to future public health threats, expand interoperability between systems, and improve state health care data systems.

Application Procedure

It is the only program for the customers in the public health industry that combines hands-on mentorship and coaching with experienced technical and business teams from AWS and KidsX to support Healthcare startups at all stages using AWS. This is the only Healthcare accelerator program through which startups can benefit from KidsX unique domain expertise in Healthcare investment and business development and receive mentoring with AWS Healthcare domain and subject matter experts.

The AWS Healthcare Accelerator will be open to all healthcare startups targeting any patient population, with KidsX bringing their strong network of healthcare organizations and experience in delivering accelerator programs.

Official Website: AWS Healthcare Accelerator in the United States

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