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British Council English Language Assistants Programme 2021

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Application Deadline:  3 February 2021 at 16.00 GMT

Established in 1905, the British Council’s English Language Assistants (ELA) programme is a major UK mobility initiative that offers paid teaching placements abroad, providing the perfect opportunity to travel, teach and gain invaluable experiences along the way.

Every year we send around 2,500 English Language Assistants from the UK to support the teaching of English in 14 countries around the world.

To be eligible to apply, you must meet all of the following criteria:

1. Be highly proficient in English

Your level of English (speaking, listening, reading and writing) must be equivalent to C2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages  (CEFRL). You must assess your own level against the CEFRL, however we will also assess your English skills by reviewing your written application and your reference. It is in your own interest to hold the required level of English as you will be expected to teach it to a high level.  

2. Meet the language requirements

Language requirements vary between countries. You do not need a formal language qualification – skills can be acquired through regular travel, private study or a course at a university language centre. 

  • China, Hong Kong and Spain: no language skills required
  • Austria, Germany and Switzerland: A2 in the target language
  • All other destinations: B1 in the destination’s main language

Self-assess your language level against the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages . We will assess your language skills using the information provided on your application. It is in your own best interest to hold the required language level. You will be expected to communicate and complete the necessary administration procedures in the language of your destination.

3. Hold a UK/Irish or European passport

You must hold a UK, Irish or other European Union (EU) passport to be eligible for the English Language Assistant programme. Holders of a non-EU passport are not eligible for the programme.

Some countries (Canada, Chile, China and Italy) require applicants to hold a UK/Irish passport. Please check the individual country pages for more specific requirements. Only holders of a UK passport may apply to Argentina. Please check the individual country pages  for more specific requirements.

4. Have lived in the UK for a minimum of two years and be eligible to apply for an International Child Protection Certificate 

Candidates must have lived in the UK at some point in their life for a total of two years prior to application. All applicants must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of UK culture which will be assessed through questions in the application form. 

Successful candidates must also apply for an International Child Protection Certificate  (ICPC) before taking up their post, which requires that they have been living in the UK for 2 years prior to applying. This is a form of criminal record check. Do not apply for the ICPC until we instruct you to. This will cost approximately £75.00. 

An ICPC is obligatory also for anyone applying for a consecutive year, whether you’re applying through the British Council or a partner organisation.

In line with our Child Protection Policy and our approach to safeguarding children, we cannot accept your application if you have any convictions, cautions, reprimand, warning, prosecutions or criminal proceedings for the offences outlined below: 

  • a sexual or violence-related offence 
  • any offence involving any type of harm (physical, emotional or sexual abuse) to a child or children. 

Official Webpage: British Council English Language Assistants Programme

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