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Business Support Fund Stream 1: Develop a Circular Economy Business Case (Australia)

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Application Deadline:  07/07/2022
About Opportunity

The Sustainability Victoria is seeking applications for round 2 of its Business Support Fund Stream 1: Develop a circular economy business case.

The primary goal of this fund is to avoid waste in Victoria, which includes improved Materials Efficiency and upcycling. All projects must support this objective.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants may apply as either as a single organisation, or as a collaborative project with multiple organisations.

  • Lead Applicant
    • All applications require a single Lead Applicant, who will be the responsible Contracting Party.
    • Only the following organizations can apply as a lead applicants to the Business Support Fund.
    • Commercial / For-profit Businesses including:
      • Companies
      • Trusts
      • Co-operatives
      • Indigenous corporations
      • Joint ventures
      • Social Enterprises
      • Industry groups and Associations
  • The Lead Applicant must also:
    • Have a current Australian Business Number (ABN)
    • Have been operating for a minimum of 2 years by the application closing date (to be validated by the date that the organization’s ABN is active)
    • Meet or exceed the minimum Co-contribution requirements
    • Lead any Collaborative Partnership according to requirements
    • Agree to comply with the Terms of Participation in Grant Programs
    • Agree to comply with the funding terms and conditions as per the General grant funding agreement.
    • Collaborative Partner(s) (optional)
  • Applicants may establish collaborative relationships with other organizations as required to support project delivery. These other organizations will be considered Collaborative Partners.
  • The Contracting Party may choose to have one or more Collaborative Partner(s). This is optional.
  • The Collaborative Partner can be from any organization that has:
    • A direct, clear role in the project
    • A current ABN
    • A demonstrated Co-contribution to the project.

Application Procedure

The Business Support Fund supports the development and implementation of Circular economy Business models and practices that avoid waste generation in Victoria.

Circular economy Business models and practices are those that design out waste and pollution, extend the use of products and materials, and regenerate natural systems. They transform how we make and use products.

Round 2 of the Business Support Fund supports circular Business models and practices that avoid waste in Victoria. The Circular economy Business models supported by the Fund include:

  • Product Life Extension models that extend the useful life of products and materials
  • Sharing models that enable increased use of products by making possible shared use, access or ownership
  • Product as a Service models that replace product ownership with services, often via a subscription service
  • Resource Recovery models which are limited (in this fund) to those focused on upcycling pre-consumer food or Textile waste.

Official Website: Business Support Fund Stream 1: Develop a Circular Economy Business Case (Australia)

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