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Call for Code Global Challenge: Build Tech Solutions for a Greener Future

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Application Deadline: 10/31/2022
About Opportunity

Apply for Call for Code Global Challenge and learn about AI, cloud development and emerging technologies while you make a difference.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Participants of this event must be 18 years old or have reached the age of emancipation in the jurisdiction in which they are submitting their project, whichever is greater.

Evaluation Criteria

  • There are many ways you can build a great team, but the most successful teams often bring together diverse skill sets to design unique and impactful solutions. Consider building your team to include:
  • Builders
    • The tech mastermind of your team. The builder is the methodical, digital-obsessed teammate who brings the technical know-how to help ground your solution in what’s possible.
  • Communicators
    • Good communicators make complex ideas simple and inspiring. Your team’s calculating hustler is essential in articulating the problem and succinctly defining how the solution can make a difference in a profound, unique, consumable way.
  • Designers
    • Your UX expert who ensures the solution is user-friendly and visually appealing. Designers bring creative vision to technical problem solving, making what you build sleek and easy-to-consume.
  • Humanitarians
    • Altruistic thinkers who understand the complex problems at hand in a truly human way and are committed to finding a solution to make a demonstrable difference. This inspirational lead of your team considers the communities in need, while also thinking like the individual user.

Application Procedure

As part of the 5th annual Call for Code Global Challenge, design and build an open source solution in the cloud to take on a sustainability issue. We’re calling on teams of developers and problem solvers to leverage open innovation and develop technology solutions that address specific global sustainability problems in unique, clearly demonstrable ways. The top Global Challenge solution receives implementation support from IBM and the Call for Code ecosystem to make a real impact in the communities with the greatest need.

Your Global Challenge solution should address one of the diverse challenges aligned to sustainability:

  • Build effective and efficient ways to quantifiably promote, preserve, and protect biodiversity
  • Reduce global food insecurity through, as examples, improvements to distribution or sustainable farming practices
  • Remove barriers to equal education access and job opportunities to further environmental justice
  • Improve the ability to measure, analyze, or take decisive action on carbon emissions
  • Improve access to affordable and reliable clean energy
  • Improve supply chain transparency and traceability to bring fast and accurate visibility to sustainability issues where they arise
  • Address issues of water scarcity and quality
  • Reduce volume of and demand for materials that create the biggest waste footprint (plastics, electronics, food, textile), and encourage reuse/recycle opportunities.

Official Website: Call for Code Global Challenge: Build Tech Solutions for a Greener Future

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