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Call for Nominations: Indigenous Women in Leadership Award

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Application Deadline: March 15, 2022.

CCAB and LNG Canada are proud to present the Indigenous Women in Leadership Award.

The role of Indigenous women in traditional life has long been one of leadership and strength. The tenacity and determination of Indigenous women today stands as a powerful testament to their role in preserving traditions and culture. Indigenous Women in Leadership (IWIL) nominees are leaders and mentors in Indigenous business.  They are politically and nationally engaged businesswomen that have contributed and improved the lives of Indigenous people. Their work has made a difference to their community and/or across the country, empowering others to do the same.

CCAB encourages nominations from all First Nations (Status and Non-Status), Inuit and Métis business, political and nationally engaged women whose work has changed the lives of people in their communities and nationally. Anyone 18 years of age and older is eligible to submit a nomination.


Nominees have a history of excellence in the conduct of their business, careers, politics and community leadership reflecting their skills, vision, determination and perseverance.  Laureates of IWIL are distinguished people who are well advanced in their successful careers and change-making lives.

Nominees are known for their contributions to the development of their community.  Setting an example for others to follow can be as important as holding a formal leadership position.  Nominees enjoy broad community support because of the impact of their business or life activities.  Nominees are catalysts for change in their community.

Nominees contribute to the expansion of knowledge and capacity.  Embracing new technologies while remaining committed to traditional ways is an important part of sustainable development.  Nominees have the vision to challenge accepted wisdom and move beyond it, and the commitment to give their employees or community meaningful access to training or education opportunities respecting and including traditional knowledge and culture.

Nominees have contributed in a substantive way to the community and/or national well-being. Their results are identifiable and measurable, and could include economic development, employment opportunities, sustained business growth, starting and maintaining new ventures, and creating options for the future.  Accomplishments in business sectors  can include the arts, sports, politics, health, education, etc.

Official Website: Call for Nominations: Indigenous Women in Leadership Award

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