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Call for R&D Projects in Sustainability or Health

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Application Deadline: 10/11/2022
About Opportunity

The Eureka is inviting consortia to apply high quality R&D projects within all technology fields.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Brazil
    • SMEs and Startups may apply to additional grants from, BNDES, SEBRAE, Rota 2030 and PPI-IoT Programs. These fundings are available at the EMBRAPII Units.
    • Companies engage with EMBRAPII projects as follows:
      • The company negotiates the project directly with an EMBRAPII Unit
      • The project approval and its direct hiring happens between the company and an EMBRAPII Unit
      • The financial resources are available in the EMBRAPII Units
      • Continuous flow: at any moment, your company can carry out projects, without waiting for a bid.
    • Additional requirements of EMBRAPII are the following:
      • The Brazilian part of the project must address an industrial demand and involve one or more industrial partners.
      • The International cooperation should provide significant added-value.
      • The “Technology Readiness Level” (TRL) of the project must lie in the range between experimental proof of concept (TRL 3) to technology demonstrated in relevant environments (TRL 6)
      • The Brazilian part of the project must be developed/managed by an EMBRAPII Unit.
  • Belgium (Wallonia)
    • Funding is granted in the form of a grant or a recoverable advance with a funding rate ranging from 35 to 100% of the budget of each Walloon partner. The type of funding and percentage depend on the type of partner, the consortium composition at regional and international level and whether your project activities fall into the category of industrial research or experimental development. The research budget of the Walloon partner company(ies) must correspond to at least 40% of the total budget of all Walloon partners.
  • Finland
    • Different rules apply for small and medium-sized enterprises, midcap companies (large companies with turnover < 300 M€), large companies, and research organisations. The impact of the international cooperation should be clear, and the participating companies should have a credible internationalization plan and business goals including export targets. If public research organisations are involved in a Co-innovation project, minimum three companies must also participate, at least two of which apply for Business Finland funding.
  • Portugal
    • Portuguese entities participating in project applications that have been awarded the Eureka Label will be eligible to apply to a national call for funding – “Projetos de I&D Industrial à Escala Europeia”, in the framework of Portugal 2030, the multiannual funding framework programme (expected to be published on the second semester 2022).
    • Eligible entities:
      • Eligible participants: All companies, universities, research centres and other R&D institutions from all geographic regions from Continental Portugal (Norte, Centro, Lisboa, Alentejo and Algarve) are eligible for funding.
      • The national consortium must integrate at least one company. When applying in partnership with Portuguese R&D organisations, the Portuguese company(ies) must assume the largest share of the investment.
      • Mandatory “Financial autonomy ratios”:
    • The Portuguese companies need to comply with the following financial autonomy ratios (Annex G” of RECI):
      • For SME: 15% financial autonomy ratio.
      • For Large company: 20% financial autonomy ratio.
  • Spain
    • CDTI will finance industrial research and/or technological development activities of Spanish companies. Universities and research centers could take part as subcontractors.
  • Turkey
    • All companies which were established in accordance with Turkish law can apply for funding for their international projects. There is no budget limit for international projects and they can be funded by TUBITAK without any restriction in project duration. Only companies participating in international projects are funded within this program but universities and research centers can be funded as subcontractors.
  • The Netherlands
    • In the Netherlands programme, only R&D costs are eligible for funding. Enterprises and research institutes can apply for grant funding up to 50% depending on the type of organization and the type of activities:
      • Large companies: 35% for research activities, 25% for development activities
      • SMEs: 45% for research activities, 35% for development activities
      • Universities / research organisations: 50% for research activities, 25% for development activities

Application Procedure

  • Sustainability
  • clean water & sanitation
  • circular and bio-based economy,
  • clean energy,
  • agriculture
  • Health
  • improving life style and living environment
  • point of care diagnostics,
  • treatment of infectious, chronic diseases
  • address at least one of the fields mentioned in the call description and
  • demonstrate the potential to research or develop a product or process for commercialisation.

This call for projects has been launched following Eureka’s Globalstars framework based on mutual consent between participating national and regional funding bodies.The national funding bodies from Brazil, Finland, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands have allocated funding for organisations collaborating on international R&D projects within all technology fields.The participating countries especially hope receiving applications in the fields of sustainability or health.

Official Website: Call for R&D Projects in Sustainability or Health

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