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Climate Tracker Solutions reporting grant 2022

by odiary

Application Deadline: March 25th, 2022

In collaboration with the Solutions Journalism Network and in support of alum fellow and current 2022 LEDE Fellow – Mavic Conde – we’re excited to open this call for applications to win a Solutions Reporting Grant, with emphasis on stories related to agriculture and farmer-led sustainable agricultural practices, food systems, and land rights.

Eligibility Requirements

  • This grant is open to reporters from across the Asia region 
  • Reporters from Sri Lanka, India, and China are especially encouraged to apply 
  • 2-3 years reporting experience 
  • Published stories about: agriculture, crop diversity, petrochemical impacts on the environment, socio-economic outcomes of the global food systems, alternative approaches like agroecology, or circular economy
  • Interested in climate reporting
  • Want to learn about solutions journalism and put it into practice 


  1. USD 250 stipend.
  2. Climate reporting training from Climate Tracker.
  3. A lecture on Solutions Journalism 101 with Portia Ladrido, co-founder of Inkline, a UK-based solutions-oriented news site
  4. Reference materials about Solutions Journalism: Its four pillars and actual (agriculture/food systems/climate) story samples
  5. Online consultations throughout the story production process with Mavic Conde, who is currently one of the 2022 LEDE Fellows at the Solutions Journalism Network

Official Website: Climate Tracker Solutions reporting grant 2022

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