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Councillor community grants

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Application Deadline: 17 December 2021.
About Opportunity

Each South Oxfordshire district councillor has £5,000 to award to projects or services that offer community benefits in their ward area, budget permitting.  We are particularly keen to fund projects of greatest impact for residents, such as activities that protect and restore our natural world, promote action on the climate emergency and improve economic and community well-being.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Any constituted local not-for-profit organisation delivering services that will benefit the residents of Berinsfield. Local is defined by being based in Oxfordshire, preferably in Berinsfield itself. We would encourage collaboration with Berinsfield organisations so that, where an application is successful, the grant will be paid directly to the Berinsfield organisation
  • Berinsfield Parish Council
  • Collaborations between Berinsfield Parish Council and other local un-constituted groups
  • Not-for-profit preschools and PTAs for local authority run schools or academies can apply for non-statutory elements of the education programme
  • Local not-for-profit organisations, which can include companies limited by guarantee which do not distribute any surplus funds to its members, and whose primary purpose is to benefit the residents of Berinsfield


Application Procedure

Applications should focus on projects/services/activities that take place in Berinsfield and deliver a clear and demonstrable benefit to the people and environment of Berinsfield, as well as contributing to the achievement of our Corporate Plan priorities.

Official Website: Councillor community grants

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