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EU Prize for Women Innovators

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Application Deadline: 18 August 2022 17:00:00 Brussels time

The opportunities created by novel technologies and disruptive innovations promise to deliver the fair and sustainable recovery Europe needs. But Europe risks missing out on these opportunities if half its population is overlooked as a source of innovation and creative talent.

The EU Prize for Women Innovators celebrates the women entrepreneurs behind game-changing innovations. In doing so, the EU seeks to raise awareness of the need for more women innovators and create role models for women and girls everywhere.

The Prize is awarded to the women who have created the largest impact on the EU innovation ecosystem by transforming ideas into new and advanced products and services to benefit people and planet.

The Prize is launched and managed by the Agency, and the winners are chosen by an independent expert jury.

There are two prize categories: Women Innovators and Rising Innovators. In the first category, three prizes of EUR 100 000 each are awarded to the three highest-ranked applications. In the second category, three prizes of EUR 50 000 are awarded to the three highest-ranked applications from promising ‘Rising Innovators’ under the age of 35.Expected Impact:

The prize will boost public awareness of the potential, importance and contribution of women to the EU innovation ecosystem and create strong role models, inspiring more women to become innovators themselves.


All applicants must comply with the following eligibility criteria to participate:

  • The applicant must be a woman and
  • The applicant must be an ordinary resident in an EU Member State (including overseas countries and territories, OCTs) or a country associated to Horizon Europe and
  • The applicant must be the founder or co-founder of an active innovative company registered at least two years before the call year and
  • Applicants that have already received an EU or Euratom prize cannot receive a second prize for the same activities.

Application Procedure

To access the Electronic Submission Service, please click on the submission-button next to the type of action and the type of model grant agreement that corresponds to your proposal. You will then be asked to confirm your choice, as it cannot be changed in the submission system. Upon confirmation, you will be linked to the correct entry point.

To access existing draft proposals for this topic, please login to the Funding & Tenders Portal and select the My Proposals page of the My Area section.

Official Website: EU Prize for Women Innovators

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