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Food Processing Marketing and Cooperation Grant Scheme now open for Applications (UK)

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Application Deadline: 06/19/2022
About Opportunity

The Scottish Government has announced a new funding round of the Food Processing Marketing and Cooperation Grant Scheme for businesses within the Scottish food and drink sector, and supports Scotland’s journey towards becoming a Good Food Nation, where it is second nature to produce, buy, serve and eat fresh, healthy food.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Businesses who are involved in the processing and marketing of agricultural produce into food products can apply for support from this scheme.
  • This could be individuals, constituted groups or companies that process agricultural products into food products, market their own produce or are involved in collaborative working within the food chain.
  • Please note that projects involving the production of fishery and seafood products are eligible for support under a separate Scheme (EMFF).


  • start-up grants for a new food processing business
  • development grants for an existing food processing business

Application Procedure

The food and drink sector can also help to make Scotland healthier, wealthier and smarter, with stronger communities and production that is socially and environmentally sustainable.

The Good Food Nation vision

Scottish Ministers remain committed to the concept and reality of achieving our vision of Scotland as a Good Food Nation where:

  • it is the norm for Scots to take a keen interest in their food, knowing what constitutes good food, valuing it and seeking it out whenever they can
  • people who serve and sell food – from schools to hospitals, retailers, cafes and restaurants – are committed to serving and selling good food
  • everyone in Scotland has ready access to the healthy, nutritious food they need
  • dietary-related diseases are in decline, as is the environmental impact of our food consumption
  • Scottish producers ensure that what they produce is increasingly healthy and environmentally sound
  • They are working hard to make a real and positive difference to the lives of the people of Scotland by:
  • helping to improve their access to, and understanding of, the benefits of healthy local foods
  • ensuring sustainability of our wonderful food industry
  • ensuring food companies are a thriving feature of the economy and places where people want to work
  • looking to grow Scotland’s reputation as a Good Food Nation from which other countries can learn

Official Website: Food Processing Marketing and Cooperation Grant Scheme now open for Applications (UK)

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