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About Opportunity

We have over 1,000 members who are experts in the prevention and control of HCAIs.  Our members are drawn largely from the medical profession, and are predominantly consultant microbiologists and doctors enrolled on an infection specialty training programme.  Nurses, clinical scientists, research scientists and others with a demonstrable professional interest in HCAIs are also a vital part of our membership network.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Good science underpins good clinical practice
  • Many HCAIs are preventable through effective multi-disciplinary teamwork
  • Continual professional learning and development is necessary to reduce the incidence of HCAIs
  • Collaboration within and beyond the Society will help to advance and communicate knowledge


  • Research grant funding that supports the advancement of the science of HCAI prevention and control
  • Organised educational and training events for healthcare professionals
  • Supporting and guiding healthcare professionals at all stages of their career and specialty
  • The publication of the Journal of Hospital Infection and Infection Prevention in Practice
  • The formation of an accessible network of experts in the field of HCAI prevention and control

Application Procedure

We consult our membership regularly, and every 5 years we formally review our strategy to ensure we understand the current climate within the field of HCAIs, the needs of our members as well as the larger infection, prevention and control community. We then set strategic objectives, and develop plans to ensure we achieve them.

Currently, we achieve our strategic objectives which focus on the prevention and control of HCAIs by sharing research, evidence and best practice. We do this via a programme of training and events, the development of resources, the production of evidence-based publications and guidance, the allocation of research funding, and other activities that support and represent our members.

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