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George Floyd Community Benevolence Fund

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Application Deadline: March 31, 2022.

The tragic events of May 25, 2020 not only took the life of George Perry Floyd, but created a worldwide awakening and reckoning about deep-seated racial injustices in American society. The Minneapolis, Minnesota neighborhood near the intersection of 38th and Chicago became the epicenter of that movement, demonstrating the need, the frustration, and the hope in the predominantly Black community.

The Floyd family has been intensely moved by the outpouring of affection and support and is committed to creating last change in the community where George was killed and beyond. The family has committed to supporting that change with the donation of $500,000 to provide uplifting and strategic grants to businesses and organizations in the community that are equally committed to lasting positive change. The family, with the support of their civil litigation team led by Attorneys Ben Crump, Antonio Romanucci, L. Chris Stewart and Jeff Storms, have formed The George Floyd Community Benevolence Fund (The Fund) to provide long-term financial support to the community.

The Fund is a Minnesota nonprofit organization, and board members of The Fund include members of the Floyd family, community leaders, and members of the Floyd family civil litigation team.


The George Floyd Community Benevolence Fund awards grants to businesses, community organizations and 501(c)(3) organizations serving the community at 38th & Chicago in Minneapolis and/or encouraging the success and growth of Black citizens and community harmony. 

Application Procedure

The Fund prefers projects that have a local impact, and applicants must demonstrate that the program would prove significant to the local community and would raise up and give breath to the businesses, individuals and organizations in Minnesota that have been detrimentally impacted by systemic racism.

Submit only one application per organization.

Send the application and required materials to grants@thegeorgefloydfund.org3

Review Application Check List to ensure the submission of all materials. Applications will not be considered complete until all materials are received.

Official Website: George Floyd Community Benevolence Fund

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