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Health and the Public Impact Fellowship

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Application Deadline: 4 July 2022
About Opportunity

In September 2022 the Institute for Epidemiology and Health Care, UCL Health of the Public, and the UCL Office of the Vice-Provost Research, Innovation & Global Engagement (RIGE) launch a new year-long fellowship program – to help 10 participants enhance the impact of your research through building knowledge, skills and experience in engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders. You’ll be supported and funded to deliver your own impact project by the end of the programme.

Eligibility Requirements

Any UCL researchers and Professional Services staff are eligible to apply, although the scheme has a focus on supporting those who are early in their career.

We have places set aside for those from the Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care. A clear articulation of how you would benefit from being in that environment would enhance applications.

Time commitment

Fellows are expected to attend the core training of one, two to three hour, session every two weeks during term one and two, and to gather as a peer support group once a month. You must also be prepared to deliver your project by the end of your Fellowship in Summer 2023.

This is a pilot program and the cohort will also be invited to help shape the development  of the Fellowship. They will also be expected to take an active role in sharing skills and experiences and identifying their ongoing training and development needs.

Taking part in impact generating activity and public engagement is considered in promotions criteria and as something that should be given time in your normal working hours. You will be asked for sign off from your line manager to ensure you will be given capacity in your core hours to attend and deliver your project if successful.

This is a year-long commitment. We are very aware of the challenges faced by ECRs and staff on short term contracts and wherever possible we want to support their professional development. If these circumstances apply to you, we encourage you to contact us for an exploratory conversation before submitting your proposal.

Assessment process

Stage one of the Fellowship application process is currently live.

Your stage one application will be assessed by the Health and the Public Impact Fellowship leads and advisory group.


  • Define what impact is (in your field) and understand the variety of ways you can implement your work with stakeholders beyond academia
  • Develop clear and engaging written, verbal, and visual communication skills through practice and feedback
  • Confidently identify and engage with stakeholders via a variety of routes
  • Design and deliver an impact project relating to your own work  
  • Know how to access UCL support for, communications, impact and engagement.

Application Procedure

  • Your goals for the project
  • The people you hope to work with
  • How you will know if you’ve achieved your goals.

How you feel you will benefit from being part of the  Impact Fellowship environment? (100 words)

What will be the benefits of you doing this to your work, UCL and the people/spaces you hope to impact (100 words) 

What skills would you like to develop through this Fellowship, and how will they benefit your work in the future? (100 words)

Official Website: Health and the Public Impact Fellowship

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