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MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp

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Application Deadline: May 4, 2022

MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamps bring the rigorous, immersive, collaborative, action-learning experience of our in-person Bootcamps online. Over 10 weeks, you will learn and work with a global team of innovators carefully selected by MIT Bootcamps to build and deliver value through innovation. You will learn principles central to innovation directly from MIT instructors: problem discovery, ideation, user innovation, customer sense-making, and more. Your team will be coached by experienced MIT innovators. You’ll hear from entrepreneurs, investors, and others from MIT’s diverse innovation ecosystem.


  • The MIT Bootcamps are designed for industry professionals and entrepreneurs of every experience level. While all participants must be 18 years or older on the start date of the Bootcamp to participate, there are no formal education, degree, or experience requirements.
  • The Bootcamps are for anyone with a strong interest in innovation and entrepreneurship! They believe that bringing together diverse thinkers from around the world to share perspectives is central to the MIT Bootcamps mission. Their participants will have diverse experience in areas like finance, management, marketing, technology, and others, and a desire to apply their expertise in order to address problems or create innovative resources across industries.
  • They encourage all of their participants to seek out connections with fellow Bootcampers as part of the process. The Bootcamps will include dedicated social and networking events.
  • The most successful Bootcampers have had the following qualities before attending that contributed to their success at the Bootcamp and beyond.
    • Capacity for Calculated Risk — Success happens when preparation meets opportunity. But seizing new opportunities comes with an inescapable amount of risk. They look for applicants who are confident and calculated risk-takers and can weigh when it makes sense to embark on a new venture, pivot, or start anew.
    • Open and Critical Thinking — Developing your venture will require collaboration and openness to new ideas. They look for individuals with an ability to combine critical thinking with an open mind.
    • Focus on Community — At MIT they believe that the team is more important than the idea. Great teams make amazing companies and can turn average ideas into life-changing innovations. Ideal candidates will put the team above themselves, and have a strong track record of contributing to their community.
    • Initiative with Follow-Through — Anyone can start a new venture, but what separates the thriving businesses from those that fail is follow-through. They look for applicants that start new ventures and will follow through even when the going gets tough.
    • Collaborative identity — At MIT they believe that the team is more important than the idea. Great teams make amazing companies and can turn average ideas into life-changing innovations. Ideal candidates are self-aware rather than self-centered and will put the team above themselves and have a strong track record of collaboration

Application Procedure

Admissions to Bootcamps are highly selective. Our selection criteria have evolved over the last six years to reflect characteristics embodied by our most successful Bootcampers. In addition to these criteria, we found successful Bootcampers display and articulate the following qualities: compassion, pursuit of excellence, are curious and dynamic, enjoy learning, and strive to make an impact personally and professionally. Be prepared to talk about your accomplishments and how you have dealt with challenges when you apply.

Official Website: MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp

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