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Application Deadline: 15 August 2022
About Opportunity

Women leaders in the not-for-profit (NFP) sector  face challenges on many fronts. They are underrepresented in leadership roles and have limited resources for professional development.

The CEW scholarships are designed to help women build their leadership capabilities and accelerate their careers. Applicants can choose the course they believe will teach them the skills they need.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Senior executive (i.e., CEO, or no more than 2 levels down from CEO) in the NFP sector
  • 5 or more years’ experience managing teams of 5 or more people, including managers in the NFP sector
  • 5 or more years general management experience (i.e., business unit, line or functional management incorporating key responsibilities such as P&L management, strategic planning, and people leadership)
  • A deep commitment to the NFP sector
  • Limited access to formal development for in the past 2 years
  • Australian citizen or resident

Application Procedure

  • CEW will cover the cost of tuition fees (and a travel allowance if required) for the duration of the course, up to a total of AU$25,000
  • Applicants will be asked to select an appropriate course and meet the institution’s eligibility criteria
  • Applicants must choose a course that starts within 18 months from October 2022
  • The recipient will be required to write a report about her scholarship experience and may be asked to speak at CEW events
  • On completion of the course, the recipient will become a member of the CEW alumni community, CEW Connect


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