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Outstanding Business Achievement Awards

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Application Deadline: 05/02/2022

The Lincoln Chamber Of Commerce is inviting nominations for Outstanding Business Achievement Awards to showcase and celebrate high achievement in Lincoln’s business community.

This year, they are introducing new categories including Agri-business and Young Professional of the Year Awards!

Eligibility Criteria

  • All profit-centered business organizations, operating in the Town of Lincoln, are eligible for nomination. All nominees must have been in business for a minimum of three years. OBAA recipients from the last two years do not qualify unless they are eligible under a different category. It is not required that a nominee be a member of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. You can nominate your own business.
  • There are three “Business of the Year Award” Categories:
    • Small – Businesses with 1-10 FTE Employees
    • Medium – Businesses with 11-30 FTE Employees
    • Large – Businesses with 31+ FTE Employees

Young Professional of the Year Eligibility

  • This award recognizes and celebrates the achievements of an individual under the age of 40 (at the time of nomination) who has tackled the challenges of entrepreneurship and/or has demonstrated leadership or professional growth in their field of work. This individual:
    • Is under the age of 40 (as of December 31, 2021)
    • Is an individual who is part of a Chamber member business in good standing
    • Has demonstrated leadership within their workplace and/or within the community
    • Has contributed to the community through active participation in community initiatives
    • And/or has demonstrated entrepreneurial ability and innovation in any of the following areas:
      • New product(s) and/or customer service initiative
      • Technology
      • Management and/or processes

Agri-business Award Eligibility

  • This award recognizes excellence in the Agriculture and Agri-business sector. The recipient is an Agriculture or Agribusiness focused organization that consistently demonstrates achievement in the area of their business focus. The recipient can range from a farming enterprise through to a beverage and food producer and can include support organizations such as warehouses, wholesalers, processors and retailers. This award recognizes one local business that has demonstrated considerable achievement in the Agri-business sector across a number of areas of concentration:
    • Has the characteristics of a successful business with diversification, innovation, sound business practices,
      workplace safety, and community involvement.
    • Shows leadership and outstanding achievement within their sector and has a propensity for continuous
    • Demonstrates a commitment to the environment and the advancement and sustainability of the agriculture industry.
    • Has contributed to the community through active participation in community initiatives.
    • Shows a high level of care and concern for the community and has elements of social enterprise in their
      corporate culture.

Application Procedure

Nominated businesses are judged on the following criteria:

  • Staff/Employee Engagement & Development
  • Work Place
  • Community
  • Future & Growth
  • Marketing

Official Website: Outstanding Business Achievement Awards

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