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Rockstart’s Emerging Tech Program for Early Stage Startups

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Application Deadline:  05/31/2022
About Opportunity

Rockstar is inviting all purpose-driven founders with a vision for a better future.

They invest in early-stage startups applying emerging technologies to solve universal and urgent problems.

Eligibility Requirements

  • ML / AI
  • Computer Vision
  • web3 & Blockchain
  • Biometrics
  • Geospatial Tech
  • IoT & Edge Computing
  • Additive Manufacturing

Application Procedure

  • Industry 4.0 & Analytics
    • They look for solutions that improve the use of their production facilities, enable faster and better decision making and provide for safer, cleaner and more efficient processes.
  • Smart Cities & Societies
    • They are interested in applications that positively influence how they live and interact, and that enable efficient institutions and a day-to-day, democratized functioning of their societies.
  • Digital Health Innovations
    • They seek technological innovations that vastly improve the quality, speed and precision in delivering healthcare – both at an institutional level and at the user level.
  • Data Privacy & Security
    • Data privacy and security solutions are paramount to protecting both the individual and the system as a whole. They support technologies that cater to a.o. data stewardship, democratized solutions, and information safety.

Official Website: Rockstart’s Emerging Tech Program for Early Stage Startups

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