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Application Deadline: 1st July, 2022.      
About Opportunity

Sewa Fellowship is a strategic investment in human capacity, and grassroots organizations to build solutions for India’s complex socio-economic-cultural matrix. We believe in the power and potential of youth to drive ideas, run movements, nurture organizations, and seek truth and justice to together build a better Bharat.

As a 100-week program, the fellowship equips young, bright minds with knowledge, skills and a mindset to serve. With extensive mentor support, the program bridges the needs of grassroots development with a vision for the future.

Eligibility Requirements

Indicative Age: 21-30 years

Must have some volunteer experience with the community,with a minimum 1 year of equivalent work experience

Language constraints based on project locations

Application Procedure

  • Direct sign-up by the applicant.
  • Nomination by his/her senior. This can be a reporting manager, professor, teacher, guru, colleague or a mentor.

This would be followed by a application form, and a statement of purpose.

The next stage of the selection involves some activities that the fellow would need to undertake in his/her own location/geography, followed by a telephonic conversation.

The next stage involves an in-person interaction with some group activities.

The activities in both stages are designed to fulfill three purposes: fun-filled learnings, understand the on-ground nature of the fellows, and provide an immersive perspective of the fellowship and the aspiring fellow.

Official Website: Sewa Fellowship

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