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Shawnee Economic Recovery Assistance (SERA) Grant Program

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Application Deadline: March 25th

The Community Capital Fund (CCF) has announced Shawnee Economic Recovery Assistance (SERA) Grant Fund that provides a one-time $5,000 grant to assist with the cost of rent or mortgage payments to offset the loss of revenue due to capital and payroll expenses, low demand, supply chain disruptions, personnel and other challenges associated with the ongoing economic effects of the pandemic.


  • Submit a completed application;
  • Prove the business is legally operating and physically located in Shawnee, Kansas, and was in operating on July 1, 2021;
  • Have 1-50 full time employees, or equivalent part-time employees, including the owner;
  • Business must commit to retaining or creating jobs for low to moderate-income people;
  • Must have an active City of Shawnee Business License;
  • Businesses with multiple locations in Shawnee may receive assistance of each location. Businesses which previously received SERA funding are eligible to apply;
  • Business cannot be nationally corporately owned, nor publicly traded. Local franchisees are eligible;
  • Non-profits, and home-based businesses are not eligible;
  • Businesses must demonstrate economic damages from business interruption caused by the COVID-19 public health emergency, excluding those costs covered by insurance or monies from any local, state and/or Federal programs in which your business currently has available to them;
  • Strict prohibition of the “duplication of benefits”, which occurs when a person, household, business, or other entity receives assistance from multiple sources (local, private, State and/or Federal) for the same purpose (rent/lease/mortgage assistance) and the total assistance received for that purpose is more than the total needed.

Application Procedure

February 14th Application Period Opens

February 14th – March 25th Office Hours at the Shawnee Civic Centre

  • February 14th, 8 AM – 5 PM
  • March 10th, 8 AM – 5 PM
  • March 24th, 8 AM – 5 PM
  • March 25th, 8 AM – 9 PM

You do not need to have an appointment for application assistance. CCF staff will be providing assistance. If you have questions about the in-person application assistance please email info@ccfkansas.org

March 25th Application Period Closes

March 29th – April 25th Application Review Process

May 16th Award Notifications

Quarterly Grant Reporting Required Through 2023

Official Website: Shawnee Economic Recovery Assistance (SERA) Grant Program

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