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Somaliland Disability Ambassadors Fellowship

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Application Deadline:  29 July 2022
About Opportunity

 is a new concept in Somaliland, pioneered by the Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs & Family for the Youth of Somaliland who are willing and able to work within their community. They will influence the social endeavors to advocate for self-help and healthy choices through conversations, public presentations at workshops or conferences, and attendance at community and social events. The fellows of this program will promote accessibility, inclusivity, and empowerment of people with disability (PWDs). The group promotes disability as a valued aspect of diversity through public awareness and outreach efforts.

Moreover, the fellows will promote the rights of persons with disability by advocating the enactment and implementation of the newly drafted national disability rights activists, as well as the approved disability policy. Finally, this fellowship program is a part of the Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs and Family (MESAF) initiative towards the advancement of disability rights and increasing inclusive social services both at national and sub-national levels.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Somaliland Citizen who is resident in Hargeisa, Borama, Buroa, Berbera, Erigavo and Lasanod
  • Somaliland National ID is required
  • University Graduate
  • Good interpersonal communication
  • Passionate about disability rights issues
  • Basic knowledge of community volunteering
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written
  • Ability to use computer software and mobile applications
  • Female applicants are highly encouraged


  • Providing relevant training and seminars regarding disability rights, community volunteering, and leadership.
  • Networking sessions with social affairs sectors including local community leaders and policymakers.
  • Mentorship sessions to improve your personal and career development
  • Transportation support and facilitation of community volunteering activities.
  • Official participation certificate for those who successfully accomplish the fellowship programme

Application Procedure

Follow this google link, fill all the required areas and submit before 29 July 2022 at 12:00 AM– make sure to write your email and telephone number

Official Website: Somaliland Disability Ambassadors Fellowship

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