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Studio 55 Startup Incubator for the Next Generation of Media Ventures (UK)

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Application Deadline: 05/16/2022
About Opportunity

Do you have a strong idea of what young audiences want from apps, services, and content? This is your chance to build an Innovative Business, with ITV backing you all the way.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Founders must be eligible to work in the UK in order to apply for the programme
  • They are primarily looking for applicants who have yet to start their business and have not yet incorporated a company. That being said, if you are running a business that you feel could benefit from becoming part of ITV and utilising ITV’s assets, and you have not yet received any institutional funding.
  • The programme is open to people of all backgrounds, and they do not expect all applicants to have experience as a founder or even working at a start-up. ITV will provide support and coaching to upskill you as a founder and create a successful business.
  • Ineligible
    • Businesses need to be in the media and entertainment categories. They would not consider the following:
    • New programme ideas that exist primarily for linear TV (e.g. a new format or show idea)
    • Companies that have already raised institutional funding, or have a product in market
    • Businesses operating in the gambling industry


  • ITV will provide investment into the business, as detailed above, as well as access to ITV’s network and assets, including media, IP & data
    Founders will also be given day-to-day support from their programme delivery partner, the Founders Intelligence team, as well as mentorship from senior leaders within ITV.
  • Finally, you will also receive and provide support to the other teams and individuals participating on the programme, all of whom will be going through the same experience of taking a business from 0-1.

Application Procedure

  • Phase 1:
    • Build your Business Case
    • Six weeks to turn your idea into a business case. You’ll then pitch this to investors and successful models will be selected to develop further.
    • Participants: 14-16
    • Every team will receive a one-off £10K payment
  • Phase 2:
    • Create a Prototype
    • Teams will work full-time for 3 months with us to user-test and develop their idea into an actual prototype. They will choose the best to come onboard with us.
    • Participants: 6-8
    • Teams will get a stipend and a prototyping budget
  • Phase 3:
    • Start Your Business with us
    • Successful teams will be given full backing to turn their prototype into a fully scaled business within ITV.
    • Participants: 3-6
    • Full-time senior ITV role, scale-up founder salary + bonus, significant investment backing to grow your business

Official Website: Studio 55 Startup Incubator for the Next Generation of Media Ventures

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