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Submit Nominations for the Ventus Awards

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Application Deadline: 09/19/2022
About Opportunity

Nominations are now invited for the Ventus Awards to recognize, celebrate the trailblazing people, companies, organizations, and work worldwide ushering in the global adoption of offshore wind energy.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Heronemus Award for Outstanding Achievement in Offshore Wind
    • Honors an individual who has contributed significantly to the expansion of offshore wind energy
      • As the highest award given by the Business Network, the Heronemus Award honors an individual who exhibits remarkable leadership, displays dedication to the advancement of the offshore wind industry, and whose achievements have accelerated offshore wind market and supply chain opportunities. This award is nominated and selected by a closed panel of judges.
  • Advancement in Project Siting & Development
    • The Advancement in Project Siting & Development award is given to an individual, team, or company that has developed a technology, process or demonstrated immense effort and collaboration to advance or improve offshore wind project development risk, cycle, or timeline.
      • An Individual, Group/Team, Company
      • Demonstrates industry problem-solving, adding value through advancement and/or innovation.
      • Engages stakeholders and reduces permitting risk, permitting cycle, and timeline as well as levelized costs of energy.
      • Is currently being used effectively in the offshore wind industry and appeals to regulators (include testimonials for each).
      • The advancement redefines current environment permitting thinking and has led to the creation of a new skill, knowledge, or experience.
  • Health, Safety & Environment Program of the Year
    • The Health, Safety & Environment Program of the Year award recognizes an organization’s successful implementation of policies and/or training programs that prevent workplace accidents and injuries, increase safety awareness, and meet the requirements of environmental and occupational health and safety laws and requirements.
      • Group/Team, Company, Academic The project goes above and beyond standard HS&E programs resulting in significant, long-lasting impact within your organization’s culture.
      • Demonstrates quality innovation, investment, and implementation of an HS&E policy and/or training program.
      • Demonstrates measurable, sustainable change as a result of the project include baselines, metrics and key performance indicators.
      • The project/program serves as a good model and inspiration for other offshore wind companies.
      • The program/policy has led to the creation of new skills, knowledge or experience.
  • Innovation of the Year
    • The Innovation of the Year award recognizes an individual or company whose singular innovation has or will contribute to the acceleration of offshore wind in areas such as LCOE, health and safety, and supply chain process improvement.
      • An Individual, Group/Team, Company
      • The innovation incorporates new science that will lead a breakthrough in the general knowledge of engineering, supply chain management or environment science.
      • This innovation will reduce capital expenditures, operating expenditures, and improve offshore wind energy production.
      • The industry would benefit from this innovation.
      • Describe the plan for commercialization
      • Explain why this innovation does not already exist in the offshore wind industry and why it should and plans for commercialization.
  • Next-Gen Leadership
    • The Next-Gen Leadership award recognizes a professional who is 35-years old or younger and has been in the industry less than ten years. This individual embodies the leadership qualities needed to advance the offshore wind industry into the next generation.
      • An individual who is 35 of younger who, through their work and role within an organization, stands out among their peers.
      • An individual who serves as a role model to inspire young people to consider a career in offshore wind.
      • Someone who demonstrates the ability to become an outstanding leader in the offshore wind energy field.
  • Offshore Wind Leadership
    • The Offshore Wind Leadership award is given to a company or public entity that exhibits outstanding leadership, benefiting industry growth, development, and market maturation.
      • Company or Public Entity
      • Nominee’s background showcases expertise as it relates to this award. Describe any pervious award or recognition received for this achievement.
      • The achievements and leadership undertaken by the company/public entity demonstrate a substantial contribution to the betterment of the offshore wind industry. It also shows innovation, future-thinking impact, and serves as a model for other organizations – even beyond the offshore wind industry—and elevates the industry.
      • Leadership reflects an understanding that innovation and success come through including different perspectives and experiences.
  • Supply Chain Advancement
    • The Supply Chain Advancement award recognizes a company or public sector entity that is making a lasting contribution to the advancement of the offshore wind energy supply chain.
      • Company and Public Sector Organizations
      • The company/organization shows ambitious but realistic supply chain goals important to the industry and society.
      • Demonstrates investment in localizing the supply chain such as facilities, workforce development, and training.
      • The company/organization is driving the advancement of the supply chain through adoption of new, innovative supply chain investments and/or practices.
      • The project goes above and beyond standard supply chain investment, having a significant, long-lasting impact such as job creation, community reinvestment, or infrastructure improvements.
  • Talent Management Leadership
    • The Talent Management Leadership award honors individuals who nurture and develop a new generation of leaders.
      • An Individual, Company, Public Entity
      • Demonstrates significant contributions to the offshore wind profession, including attracting and growing a diverse pipeline of young talent.
      • Consistently supports and mentors existing young talent (provide examples or testimonials.)
      • Illustrates measurable, sustainable change as a result of the project including baselines, metrics, and key performance indicators.
      • Includes program elements that can be replicated with in the industry.
  • Viterna Award for Engineering Excellence
    • The Viterna Award for Engineering Excellence recognizes excellence in engineering that advances the offshore wind energy industry.
      • An Individual, Group/Team, Company, Academic
      • Innovation demonstrates added value as it has been used/can be used within the offshore wind industry.
      • Illustrates reduced capital expenditures, operating expenditures, and improved energy production, and appeal to regulators.
      • It redefines current engineering thinking, leading to the creation of new skills, knowledge, or experience.


  • National media recognition
  • Invitation to the Ventus Gala
  • Potential speaking opportunities at leading Network programs
  • Opportunities to contribute to or develop content as a subject matter expert
  • Additional recognition at the International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF)

Application Procedure

All completed applications will be reviewed by a jury representing the breadth of the offshore wind industry. The jury will judge all applicants solely on their submitted materials.

Official Website: Submit Nominations for the Ventus Awards

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