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The Entrepreneurs’ Award in Social Innovation

by opportunitydiary

Application Deadline: 04/14/2022

Entrepreneurs solve problems and adapt to challenges. In the face of adversity there are few who are better-equipped than entrepreneurs – entrepreneurs make the best of what the world needs now.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted many serious social and environmental issues, such as mental illness, homelessness, loneliness, and the importance of nature to people’s wellbeing. The development and implementation of vaccines clearly demonstrated how innovaion, with collaboration, can qickly achieve what previously was thought impossible.


They are looking to support and help accelerate early-stage UK businesses developing products or services with an impactful social or environmental purpose.


  • A grant of £10,000
  • A 12-month package of support and fellowship including mentoring, networks, and introductions to other sources of funds.
  • Opportunities to access products and/or services donated by Freemen and others.

Official Website: The Entrepreneurs’ Award in Social Innovation

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