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The Google News Initiative (GNI) University Verification Challenge

by odiary

Application Deadline: April 9th 2021

The Google News Initiative is launching a University Verification Challenge across Asia to celebrate International Fact-Checking Day. The challenge will raise awareness and increase verification knowledge among students, running across two weeks in 7 languages (English, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Thai).

Students can register as teams of three to participate. After the challenge, students and journalists alike can level up their verification skills through workshops that will be conducted in multiple languages across the region.

The quizzes and the subsequent workshops will be run jointly with our partners across Asia, working together hand-in-hand to educate future journalists and fact-checkers on the importance of verifying content before publishing. 

The GNI University Verification Challenge call-to-register is from April 1-9, 2021. The quizzes will run between Apr 12-23, 2021. 

Official Website: GNI University Verification Challenge

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