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The Mayor’s Business Climate Challenge

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Application Deadline: 04/21/2022

The Mayor’s Business Climate Challenge (BCC) is an ambitious new challenge programme that supports businesses to reduce energy consumption in their buildings, cut energy costs and lower their emissions.

The programme also supports business membership organisations to run climate action programmes, providing free technical support, open access resources and creating knowledge-sharing networks.

The 2022-23 Challenge will target small and medium-sized (SME) businesses in London. This is an essential business grouping as collectively UK SME’s account for an estimated 43-53 per cent of UK business greenhouse gas emissions.Reference:1   

The climate emergency is the biggest threat we face today. The Mayor of London has committed to make London net zero carbon by 2030. Commercial and industrial buildings account for nearly one third of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, meaning businesses have a pivotal role to play in reaching net zero.

To meet London’s target, 26,500 non-domestic buildings will need to be retrofitted each year. London’s Green New Deal Recovery Mission has building decarbonisation at its heart, and the Mayor is committed to supporting businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and transition to green and clean technologies. We know it makes economic sense to act now.  


  • Minimum size
    • Applicants should be confident they can secure a cohort of at least 20 suitable businesses to apply to the BCC. See Annex A for the criteria for participating businesses.
  • Endorsement
    • Applicant organisations will require a letter of endorsement from their executive director to confirm the BCC is aligned with their mission and priorities.
  • Resourcing
    • A Business Engagement Partner must be able to dedicate officer time to the BCC. Applicants should demonstrate their approach to managing the BCC in the application form.
  • Consortiums
    • Organisations can apply individually or as a consortium. A lead partner organisation must be appointed to act as the main point of contact for consortium application and oversee programme coordination.
  • Diversity
    • The BCC aims to support and empower a diverse range of Business Engagement Partners and businesses, contributing to developing sustainability initiatives through a place-based approach. Thus, they encourage applications from organisations located in all London boroughs, of varying sizes and network reach. Organisations with Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic owned or traditionally underrepresented business memberships are highly encouraged to apply.


The programme will provide participants with bespoke technical support from a built environment consultancy to reduce their workplaces’ energy consumption and operate their equipment more efficiently, cutting both carbon emissions and energy costs. Indicatively, each participating business will receive:

  • a benchmark using a recognised standard (for example, a Display Energy Certificate)
  • a comprehensive site energy audit per participant workplace identifying potential for light-touch energy conservation measures through to deep retrofit measures
  • a tailored recommendation report with proposed energy conservation measures to reduce their energy consumption and costs, along with a clear pathway to net zero
  • a building walkthrough (approximately two hours) to accompany their recommendation report explaining recommended measures and answering participant questions
  • follow up one-to-one support to address energy conservation implementation challenges/queries
  • group training sessions.

Application Procedure

Organisations will be assigned to one of the following funding brackets based on the number of businesses they think they can recruit as stated in their online application:

  • Bracket 1: recruit 20 to 30 businesses that meet the application eligibility criteria – £15,000.
  • Bracket 2: recruit 31 to 40 businesses that meet the application eligibility criteria. £20,000.
  • Bracket 3: recruit 41 to 50 businesses that meet the application eligibility criteria. £25,000.
  • Bracket 4: recruit over 51 businesses that meet the application eligibility criteria. £30,000.

Official Website: The Mayor’s Business Climate Challenge

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