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USAID Youth Lead Fellowship 2021 for young Filipinos

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Application Deadline: February 28th 2021

YouthLed (Youth Leadership for Democracy) is a five-year program implemented by The Asia Foundation in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

YouthLed aims to increase civic engagement among Filipino youth leaders through three main components: leadership development, coalition-building, and civic education & engagement activities in contexts that are relevant to them, while strengthening their participation in democratic governance. The results of these components will contribute to strengthening democratic governance among Filipino youth.

To help achieve its goal of developing the political leadership skills, knowledge, and attitude of promising young leaders, YouthLed is launching its first Youth Leadership Development Program — Leadership and Democracy (LEAD) Fellowship.

The Leadership and Democracy Fellowship is a two-year program specially curated for 30 youth leaders aged 18—30 from diverse backgrounds. The Fellowship will strengthen their capacity to navigate, engage, and optimize platforms for democratic governance across all levels. Beyond personal skills and knowledge, the program will seek to ground youth leadership with a deeper appreciation of democracy, democratic values, structures, and systems. This Fellowship will provide full training programs with our esteemed partner educational institutions.

There will also be access to grants, network building opportunities, and participation in all YouthLed activities and programs.

Through LEAD, the YouthLed Young Leaders will develop their capacity to navigate, engage, and optimize platforms for democratic governance through issue-based campaigns and development programs.


  • A Filipino citizen residing in the Philippines
  • An emerging youth leader between 18—30 years of age
  • An active member of a private, public, civil society organization, educational institution, and community organization
  • Champions civic engagement, democratic participation, and activities for the benefit of their communities
  • Has an outstanding personal character and integrity
  • Has an outstanding record of experience and immersion with youth-related activities, youth individuals, and youth groups
  • Willing to be an active YouthLed Young Leader throughout the duration of the YouthLed program
  • Then this Fellowship is definitely made for you!

The Asia Foundation has partnered with prestigious institutions with recognized expertise in Leadership Development, Formation, Project Management, and Political Governance. YouthLed Young Leaders will also have full access to the following:

Full scholarships in the following training programs:
  1. Asian Institute of Management (AIM) – Future Bridging Leadership Program
  2. Ateneo School of Government (ASOG) – Executive Education Courses
  3. Ayala Foundation Inc. (AFI) – Democracy Leadership Program

Official Website:USAID Youth Lead Fellowship 2021

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